Realtor PAC


WHAT IS Realtor PAC??

The Realtors Political Action Committee (Realtor PAC) is a standing committee of the National and State Associations involved in providing funding for political candidates at the national, state, and local levels. The goal of Realtor PAC is to establish the real estate industry as a concerned and involved constituency that gives support to political candidates who recognize the needs of REALTORS® and property owners. Realtor PAC is bi-partisan in its selection of candidates. The program and platform of each individual candidate, rather than a party label, determines whom Realtor PAC supports. Each REALTOR® is asked to donate their fair share amount which is $25 a year.

Please consider donating your $25 for 2017. Call the association office to donate at 704-776-4055.


Will Consider the Realtor PAC President's Circle:

The President’s Circle is an influential group of REALTORS® who contribute directly to REALTOR®-friendly candidates at the federal level. Political Action Committees, like our REALTORS® Political Action Committee (Realtor PAC), can only legally contribute $10,000 per election cycle to a Member of Congress. The President’s Circle Program supports REALTOR® Party Champions – Members of Congress who have made significant achievements in advancing the REALTOR® public policy agenda. The President’s Circle Program allows REALTORS® to contribute beyond Realtor PAC dollars and increase the strength of the REALTOR® voice on Capitol Hill.  The minimum contribution is $500.00